Kaleidocope newsletter...

Hello and Welcome to Kaleidoscope!  A news letter to bring family, Church and community together. . .

Sunday, June 25, Ed McLeod paid us a visit to tell us about his mission to Ukraine.   He will receive training to teach English to the locals.  He will be there about two and a half weeks.  We wish him god seed fpr a safe and productive mission.

June 24 we had a successful ice cream social.  More than 75 folks showed up to support us and they enjoyed tasting some delicious home-made ice cream.  Not to mention, there were ample supplies of sandwiches, cakes and cookies as well.   We are looking forward to another success in August when we will host our next ice cream social.  See you then!

I am new to this computer and refreshing my brain on how to type as well as write.  Please accept my apologies in advance.  I'll practice and look forward to the next time.