Breathing Yes

April 21, 2017

John 20:22a“When he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit…

This is one verse in the sermon for this Sunday and it brings up one of my favorite topics – the breath of God.  How astounding that God loves us so much that we receive breath, life, and vitality from our God.  In the creation story when God breathes life into humanity, it is magnificent in its imagery.  Jesus breathes on his disciples and brings new life and vitality to them.

God is so much bigger than our sentences, so we must breathe in the wonder and express it as best we can.  When we look around and see beauty, we realize how big God’s yes is.  We should delight and dance in this day of creation!  And when we experience the opposite, the anger, the hatred, the manifestations of evil, we realize what truth is behind the story is about getting kicked out of the Garden of Eden because of our own hubris. 

The move of God in creation, and the new creative life we are called to daily, which our faith expresses so beautifully at baptism, does not stop at the waters, but is a continual claiming, day by day.  To live out new life as an expression of who we “are” and not what we “ought” to do is a beautiful explanation of how living in God, to me, is ‘breathing yes’ every day.

ee cummings has a poem, “sweet spring,” and one of the verses says “such a sky and such a sun i never knew and neither did you, and everybody never breathed quite so many kinds of yes.”  Breathe on me, breath of God!