Telling stories

Preach often, if necessary use words.  We hear that a lot and it's so true.  We want to always live our lives in such a way that the love of Jesus is obvious in our lives, the grace of God permeates our relationships, and integrity defines our interactions.   

But there are times when it is good to be blatant -- to tell our stories about how faith in Jesus Christ transforms us, makes us whole, and takes us into a new life that we could not have imagined prior.  This past Sunday at church, one of our members, a new Lay Servant, shared her story -- her testimony.  Jami has been part of this community for a long time, but what a joy that those who don't spend a great deal of time with her got to hear the impact God has made in her life.  These moments don't happen too often, except in small groups, and I am so thankful that the opportunity was there for Jami to share her story.  She shared it at Staples UMC as well, and it reverberated with that community.  

Sometimes we all need to make the time to tell our stories to one another and in specific moments that are appropriate with friends, neighbors and others.  We encourage each other, we inspire growth for one another, and we spur one another onward to the joy that is life in Jesus. 

Sometimes our words are necessary to add the nuance to the quiet witness that is our lives.